Four Scoops Is Over the Top

By Alex Carrick

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36 entertaining, original short stories and poems that combine the best elements of “Two Scoops” Is Just Right and “Three Scoops” Is A Blast!


Alex Carrick has twice received Honorable Mention recognition (2010 and 2011) in the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition for literary excellence.


He likes to explore in an amusing and often touching way the dilemnas we all face in this modern, fast-paced life. He’ll play with structure and time to present his unique vision.


Mr. Carrick has been a professional economist covering the construction industry for the past 39 years. He writes extensively on economic matters for several newsletters, newspapers and the Internet, dealing with both Canada and the United States.



Platter and Glance

Branscomb Hall was where the brainiacs lived. There might be psychedelic drugs, free sex and rock and roll elsewhere on campus, but the boys of “Branny” were renowned for keeping their noses to the grindstone.

South of the border, Americans were agonizing over the Vietnam War. In Canada, these were the halcyon days before OPEC would shake up world oil markets.

Blaine Bostock, Elrod Flight and Ravenna Sharpley were all students attending Toronto’s premier university.

All three were exceptional students, with representation in the core subjects of geography, mathematics and English respectively.

The academic year-end was coming like a hurricane and graduation was only a month away for Blaine and Elrod. Ravenna still had another year to go.

Blaine knew what he was about to do was probably wrong in many ways, but he seemed powerless to stop.

He felt the need to secure his reputation among his colleagues beyond the mere scholastic.

Once he graduated, he’d be moving to a position with an established insurance firm in his hometown 200 kilometers away. Time was short.

He knew he could brag about his prowess at any time. He’d already dropped hints among his fellow students. And the girl often on his arm implied a success that many others were clearly not having.

But he also knew it would be more effective for his reputation if someone else gossiped about his conquests on his behalf.

It wouldn’t hurt if they spoke with a note of admiration in their voice.

Elrod was the perfect choice. He was a good friend and well accepted among the other students.

But he couldn’t just boldly ask him. Elrod was too refined. It was one of the features that set him apart.

Elrod’s carriage conveyed dignity and restraint. But that was to Blaine’s advantage. If Elrod could be impressed, it would carry extra weight.

The two were also rivals in some vague way.

Elrod’s composure emanated from within. The fact it appeared effortless was somewhat annoying. Elrod could do with being brought down a peg or two.

There was also the matter of opportunity. This is where Elrod fit the bill perfectly.